Justin Plante

Financial Services Professional

After experiencing 3 deaths in the family in 1 year, Justin has personally seen the hurt and financial hardship of not having life insurance, or a solid financial plan, and the strain it puts on loved ones. Growing up as a 2nd generation Chicano in a low-income environment, financial literacy about investing, personal finance, and life insurance were nonexistent. Even during his time as an Infantry Marine in the Marine Corps, he saw a lack of awareness amongst fellow veterans transitioning out, which ended up in divorces and unfortunately suicides as well... Which is why he is now striving to change that and help as many people as he can. Spreading the word that just because of where you come from, who your parents are, or what your financial status is currently, there can always be a better future with a solid plan. Regardless of his client's income financially free or poor, he strives to make sure ALL of his clients thrive financially for a better tomorrow!

MT Insurance License No: 3002689452

Justin is Life licensed in the following states: MT, TX, FL, OK

Mobile Phone (406) 600-3219